2006 >>

Mar. 2006:Established in Jinshan Industrial Park

Apr. 2006:Launched the first model

May. 2006:Set up R&D Department

July. 2006:Launched the first inverter cooler in China

July. 2006:Established International Business Department

Aug. 2006:Established Commercial Cooler Business Department

2007 >>

June. 2007:Got CE certification

Sept. 2007:Got ISO9001:2000 certification

Dec. 2007:Moved to the larger industrial area- Fuwang Industrial Park

2008 >>

Mar. 2008:First developed auto self-clean cooling pad and temperature & humidity control system in China

2009 >>

July. 2009:Got 5 national patents on auto draining systems, auto self-cleaning systems, etc.

Aug. 2009:Developed special cooler for base station

Dec. 2009:Established Household Appliance Business Department

2010 >>

Jan. 2010:Developed solar-systematic cooler

Mar. 2010:Established the first Evaporative Air Cooler R&D National Center together with well-known universities from home and abroad

Aug. 2010:Got China Compulsory Certification

2011 >>

Dec. 2011:Became one of the first National High-tech Enterprises

Dec. 2011:Got CB certificate

2012 >>

June. 2016:Had the honor to winning famous trademark in Fuzhou

Oct. 2012:Owned R&D ability on motor, shell and PCB

2013 >>

Oct. 2013:Launched the JH-NR-13 heater series

Nov. 2013:Launched indirect cooling model

2014 >>

Otc. 2014:Had the honor to winning famous trademark in Fujian province

2015 >>

June. 2015:Launched the JH-NR-14/15/16 heater series

Nov. 2015:Launched inverter cooler with airflow 22,000&30,000 M3/H



July. 2016: Got CE, CB, and SAA certifications for the heaters


Feb. 2017: Launched the 3000 M3/H portable air cooler

Mar. 2017: Launched the 6000 M3/H portable air cooler


Feb. 2018: Launched the Intelligent Tough Screen Wall Controller for Industrial air coolers

Mar.2018: Launched 1600 M3/H home use air cooler

Apr. 2018: Launched 8000 M3/H window air cooler

2019  >>

May.2019: Launched the new 18,000M3/H industrial air cooler

May.2019: Launched the WiFi Infrared Heater

2020  >>

Feb.2020: Launched the JH802 portable air cooler with Bluetooth speaker

Jun.2020 : The JH165 fan system was upgraded, the noise was reduced, and the air volume and pressure were increased

Sept.2020 : Developed new far-infrared radiation heater product JH-NR-19E series

2021  >>

Apr.2021: Launched the new carbon fiber heating type bathroom heater was successfully

May.2021: Launched JH-22B series new glass panel heater

Aug.2021: Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

Nov.2021: Launched the BLDC series industrial large ceiling fans

2022  >>

Mar.2022: Launched the JH18LP series centrifuge industrial air cooler

May.2022: Launched the JH50LM high air volume, high static pressure industrial air cooler

Sept.2022: Developed the JH18LP DC brushless model successfully

2023  >>

Feb.2023: Launched the JH18AP DC brushless model

May.2023: Launched the JH25LP plastic centrifuge

Aug.2023: Upgraded the 18 centrifuge shell mold

2024  >>

Aug.2024: Launched the affordable heater JHNR-23W series

May.2024: Developed the JH25LP DC brushless series

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