Base Station Cooling


Unattended base station needs intelligent cooling system;

Lots of machines are working 24/7 with continuous heating;

It can remote monitor and control the working condition of the machines distributed in different base stations;

The precision air conditioners’ power consumption is huge; it needs qualified personnel for the operation and maintenance.

Dry air will make static to burn the communication equipment, it requires constant temperature and humidity.


JH base station air coolers are specialized for China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Post.

The China Union installed JH base station air cooler for internal cooling, it uses JH air cooler exhaust function to make the air form the outer circulation, and then the heat generated by the inside machine is discharged outside.

We install the linkage fire damper for the air inlets and outlets to avoid the fire spreading, and also provide the inlets and outlets with three anti-nets to prevent mosquitoes, insects, and sand invasion;

Using industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensor to collect the indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity, through intelligent algorithms controls the fan speed and linkage time to ensure that the room with constant temperature and humidity. 

Cooling effect:

Under working with intelligent temperature and humidity control, the indoor temperature and humidity are always controlled within the setting range, no more static accident occur on the circuit board.

The previous air conditioning is not removed, because in the hot summer if the air cooler cannot meet the cooling requirement, JH air coolers’ intelligent control will automatically turn on the previous air conditioning to cool the room, the two types cooling systems can work together.

Throughout the year, the usage of evaporative air coolers accounts for approximately 70% of the time, in high temperature and rainy weather condition it uses existing precision air conditioning and it is about 30% time for the usage, thus in the annual we can save 56% electricity cost.


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