Factory Cooling


With many workers, the factory requires large air oxygen.

Odor generated during production; it needs ventilation and enough air exchange.

With lots of equipment or products and other high-temperature heat source, the factory is too hot.

Workshop space is large, if we install air conditioner, the power consumption will be very large, if we install the fan, the cooling effect is poor, and the workers will complain much as well.


According to the factory’s industry feature, we can choose JHCOOL industrial air coolers for factory cooling and ventilation, our JH air coolers are with low power consumption to solve the poor working environment problem and improve recruitment and employment difficult issues. Depending on the air change requirement, noise requirement, investment budget etc, we can consider JHCOOL different types air coolers with single speed, two-speed or variable speeds, three-phase or single-phase models, axial fan or centrifugal blower type models for different factories.

Cooling effect:

Obviously, the air quality in workshop has been significantly improved; when lunch break some workers even choose to take a nap in the workshop.

Although the cooling effect is not as good as traditional air conditioner, but the room temperature is moderate, plus continuous infusion of fresh air, it can improve the working environment directly.

For factory, the investment and operation cost are greatly reduced.


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