Restaurant Cooling


With people intensive, it requires large oxygen content.

Dining dishes and drinks are volatilized in the dining environment;

For customers, the dining environment is as important as taste and dishes;

The dining locations are usually distributed in places with a large stream of people; it requires the cooling equipment not to take up much indoor area.


At first, the restaurant installed traditional air conditioning, it needs to close the windows and doors, the air circulation inside the restaurant and the polluted air is still inside, the air quality is very bad, and the power consumption is very large.

To solve these problems, they decided to install JH evaporative air cooler for their restaurant. Considering the restaurant grade, invest budget, winter ventilation and dining rules etc, they choose our JH inverter type variable speeds air coolers.


Cooling effect:

After installation of JH air coolers with interior long distance air duct, the fresh air is well distributed into the restaurant. The peculiar smell is naturally discharged to the outside through the windows and doors, so that the indoor air is fresh and clean, the customers are satisfied with the dinning environment

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