Supermarket Cooling

With dense population, it needs large oxygen content;

With large area, it needs whole cooling for every corner;

With different customers, it requires the cooling system with centralized control functions;

The opening hours and closed time are fixed; it requires the cooling equipment with timing function.

The factors of noise, temperature and humidity etc will directly affect the customers’ shopping mood.


JH 18,000m3/h and 30,000m3/h airflow serial air coolers are ideal for supermarket cooling and ventilation.

JH inverter type air cooler has exhaust function, it can exhaust air from indoor to outdoor to keep the comfortable temperature and humidity for the supermarket.

JH air coolers can be installed on the wall or roof, through the duct to distribute the cool air with many different air diffusers.

Cooling effect:

The outlet speed is about 2.8m/second, it is comfortable for shopping.

With the group control technology, the manager can control the evaporative air coolers’ working condition in the management center.

After setting up the opening and closed time on the group control system, every day the air coolers can be turned on and off automatically.


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