(1) Relative dry and hot areas

Most of the areas which need to reduce temperature and increase ventilation can use our product, such as mall, supermarket, office, hotel, hospital, station, gymnasium, exhibition, restaurant, dancing room, hall, meting-room, school, factory and villa.

(2) Relative humid areas

Evaporative air cooler is also suitable for the high-temperature or peculiar smelly factories, such as textile mill, dress mill, printing and dyeing mill, tannery, shoes mill, plastic mill, steel works, electronic manufacture and chemical plant. You can use our cooler to full cooling. Our cooler is also suitable for the fuggy areas such as game or disco parlor, kitchens, refectory or hotel, you can use the cooler to cooling and vent.

(3) High electricity consumption areas, especially for base station or computer room.

(4) Air-conditioned areas

Most of the air-conditioned areas are lack of fresh air and oxygen, but with evaporative air cooler, those areas will full of fresh, clean and cool air from outside.

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